Lunch and Doggie Mushroom

On Sunday, Ben and I were treated to a late lunch with all our closest friends around these parts as a celebration of our 10th anniversary (complete with free babysitting, LOL). It was in an awesome local place we'd been meaning to try, and we had a really lovely few hours hanging out chatting with friends, a couple of whom we don't catch up with often anymore so it was especially nice! It was all thanks to these lovely ladies, who did the organising...

Both Ben and I felt a bit overwhelmed at the idea that our friends wanted to do this for us, it's so sweet and strangely social for us introvert/homebody types! But it was so beautiful of them and we had such a great time.

Just throwing this one in from a few days ago, it makes me laugh because this is what Ash always asks for, before bed, when we're going out in the car or just when he feels like it "Doggie mushroom?" - his two favourite toys!


sylvia said...

Oh, looks like you had a great time! Lovely idea!

Rebecca Vavic said...

Happy Anniversary Chick-a-dee.