Shopping and Motivation

I just bought this cute 'wedgewood' cami from this shop (sale on, love it). Love the vintage-y sweet summery-ness.

This next dress, available from this fab kid's clothes shop, makes me want to sew. As I can't justify buying it. Though Sally offers layby, which is really handy. And it is gorgeous. And I think I get a discount. But still. I won't be able to make something like this, but I would like to sew some other kinds of interesting clothes for Sienna, she has a flair for the dramatic so I can kind of go nuts on the theatrical style and it suits her ;) I did buy some cotton for summer pj's for both Ash and Sienna, now I just need the motivation to do something about it! Speaking of Fairy Kisses, this koi tshirt is on layby for Ash at the moment, I love it. He also has some of the funky long-sleeved Baobab tops (bought on sale awhile ago) in size 5 for next Winter. And these cool Soda cord/jeans I also got discounted on sale a few months ago. They are generous sizing, though, and I got size 4 so they are also for Ash next year. And this cardigan is on layby for Sienna. I love shopping for kids clothes, far more than for myself, can you tell? I make it work by buying interesting things on sale and in advance. Every now and then I have to remind myself to buy things that actually fit right now, but usually we're stocked up ahead of time, LOL.

Am busy packing Q Tea November kits at the moment, they are so cool, I am quite excited about playing with one. I'm into the nature-theme at the moment as we are talking about moving Ash and Sienna into their own rooms at some point, and I'm thinking of woodgrain, trees, green leaves and blue seas as possible themes for the boy. I love the ideas phase :) Anyhow, back to the kit, a little sneak peek is up now - check it out here.

I did a scrap page of Ash just for fun on Friday at a crop night, I had started it a week earlier so it was easy to keep going and pop some embellishments on it. Used a few things from the Domo Arigato Mr Roboto kit, trim from the Bhangra Bollywood kit and some new Sass Lass products.

The other day I bought a corner rounder for the first time ever, I am quite thrilled about it, so don't be surprised if my layouts get all rounded and retro on you ;)

Mum, dad, my sis Hayley and nephew Caden are arriving on Friday afternoon, can't wait! Lots of photo-taking will be going on. That is for sure. Are you ready, Kell?

You know what I like? Black gesso. I might use some today.

Back to shopping (yes, I am rambling a lot today, I am waiting for some photos to transfer), etsy is awesome. I've had this necklace on my favourites list for ages. I love these wall decals - made in Melbourne! And this photography is just so beautiful and atmospheric. It's hard to decide, but I think my fave is Penny Farthing For Your Thoughts. And Viv's shop - such awesome art and gorgeous silks.


Anonymous said...

LOL u have been a busy Lil shopper!! Cant wait to see you all on Friday!!!!! xx

Wendy Smith said...

love that LO with all the little bits of top did good shopping

mezzo mish said...

I love the title "Knock on Wood" - now I have that song in my head. I love the little dress - SO CUTE!

Nevis said...

LOVE your layout! :)