All's quiet...

on the blogging front. I have been a bit quiet compared to usual, nothing terribly interesting going on. Did the whole ebay thing with some books and stuff, which went well. I should ebay the few items of Sienna's clothes I have set aside to sell. I used to do it all the time but can kind of not be bothered as much now. Hmm. Anyhow.

These couple of projects are using new KI Memories sheer delights - a fun product that is sort of like a transparency, but softer (if that makes sense) and not completely clear, just a tiny bit milky, which is really cool. Strong enough for my mini cover, though, and it comes in some very fun designs and shapes, available from Kiti Q now, along with new Sassafras Lass (yay! woohoo! yippee!).

The top layout also uses a coloured doily and a lace trim from Q Tea's Bollywood kit - available in the Danielle Q and Q Tea etsy shop now.

This is cool - I just got this mag yesterday in the post from the lovely Sylvia (currently in New York with her hubby for a holiday, on their way to a family catch-up holiday, I am SO jealous!). She is on the design team for German mag ScrapArtZine - which I love, despite not being able to understand much of it at all - and this issue has an interview with Sylvia.

If you can read the post it note, Sylvia very sweetly translated the first sentence for me "I was introduced to scrapbooking by my friend Danielle from Australia. Still today she is an inspiration."

Awwwwwww. I'm all shucksy now :)


mezzo mish said...

Congratulations to Sylvia. I love her photography too. She does really unusual angles and lighting. Her scrapping is that amazing arty style too. I love your Champs d E layout. Memories of Paris! Aaagh Paris!

sylvia said...

Thanks Michelle, thats so sweet! Sitting here in Connecticut reading all this makes me feel warm inside! having a great time, will have lots to share! Hugs xxx