Fishy Business

Just did this page for fun the other day and ended up using loads of Q Tea items from the latest kit 'Never Say Neverland' - lovin' the vintage woodgrain wallpaper, I might cover an actual wall with it one of these days :) This pic is of my nephew Caden in January 2007.
We went fishing at Lilydale Lake - it was printed as Lillydale on the signs but since the town is Lilydale that just seems weird. Anyhow, it was 'first water' for the fishing rods dad bought each of the kids on the way from Miss Marple's to Lilydale. Rather a fun day altogether, with a funny back and forth of who was getting which coloured fishing rods. It BIZARRELY worked out without any fuss from the kids, much to our surprise. Sienna ended up with the pink one, as you can see (though according to Alannah the rod is really red, and the purple one is prettier, a view we adults wholeheartedly agreed with, wink, wink).

I made them all calico fishing rod bags on Sunday to protect the rods, and each with an embroidered fish and their initial in the same colour as their respective rods. All rather cute and outdoorsy really. Now to continue, we will actually have to get fishing licenses and so on (my dad has one, so we were good last week) and go again. Fun fun :)

Now, Nevis has asked about photo actions (hi, Nevis!) and I keep forgetting to talk about it. I process in Photoshop and I can't remember which versions, but I have a few actions I often use. Sometimes I only use my own made up actions which adjust levels, curves, brightness/contrast and sometimes blending options/soft light. At other times I might also use Itty Bitty Actions and in both cases I often use a Vignette action, like the photo of Sienna above, from someone called Mariah. I duplicate the vignette layer when I want to increase the effect. Hope that helps :)

On Thursday morning I FLY TO PERTH. Cool, hey. Wave if you see me there.

Sienna is 5 now, but thinks she isn't as she isn't grown up enough. Not sure the point of arguing that ;)


sylvia said...

have fun in perth, danielle! :)

Merdrey said...

i love the layout!!! =)

Nevis said...

Thank-you SO much for telling me about the various Actions that you use. I just love your photos. :)

Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous LO, and lovely fishing shot...gorgeous

Anonymous said...

beautiful piece...
gorgeous photo of your nephew!