Winter Sundays

Loving the look of Hambly this CHA - especially the photography-themed rub-ons, I can see them being useful on a lot of projects!

This layout is for the current NZ Dares - it's their 50th dare, and I was one of four guest designers (including the sweet Nic Howard!). Q Tea are also sponsoring the prize for the dare, I put together a big kit especially - check it all out here.

Had a bit of a drama in these parts a few days ago - Sienna had, unbeknownst to me, decided to 'bake' with some plastic tupperware cups, a doll's picnic blanket and a few bits of lace. Since I was unaware of what lay lurking at the back of my oven, I simply pre-heated it for dinner and threw in a quiche without paying much attention at all during the process. About half an hour later I was paying a lot of attention - wondering what that faintly toxic smell was, I investigated in the kitchen, opening the oven to clouds of black melted-plastic fumes. The tupperware containers now being faintly coloured plastic dripping down the back of the oven, over the element and down the sides.

I was not happy.

Though very grateful that we are getting a new oven. And even more grateful that this didn't happen in the new oven. Now I am really really hanging out for it to arrive, as I am not sure how long it will take to get it functional (gas and electrics connected) and we can't use this old oven anymore. Due to the whole melted-plastic thing.

And we had a nice meal out at a local cafe in the end - they do these scrummy arancini balls, which I just love. Add a glass of wine, some tasty turkish bread and dukkah, and a good hour for the house to air out, and we all returned to our freezing cold house in better spirits.

Today I have been designing a few journaling spots for future Q Tea kits, and making some art cards (featuring photos of my mixed media art, mainly) for a local cafe. I also have a new mini album project to fit in this week in between Kiti Q training and documentation, uploading and invoicing August Q Tea, and preparing to assemble said August kits. Oh, and kinder duty, babysitting, general stuff like that. I must say housework doesn't get much of a look in this month, but I'm not complaining ;)

I am just happy that I have scrapped again - I did a layout for SC the other night and already feel better. Just having the paint and paper sitting around the lounge room is good, having it within easy reach makes it seem like I can fit some sort of creating in without much fuss. I don't know if that makes sense, LOL, I am hungry and not thinking straight. Have a great week everyone :)

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mezzo mish said...

I made Arancini once, it took a long time but my goodness it was SO yummy.
Can't wait to see your creations in SC mag in future issues...