Do I

need to apologise? I feel like I need to apologise. For being all emotional and stuff. My regular internal landscape, but not the sharing of it with everyone else.

So here is something else to look at... I've decided I love this song. Need to listen to it properly so don't hate me if the lyrics are weird, LOL, but I like having it on in the background when doing stuff on the 'puter.


Unknown said...

Operator Please always have catch tunes, just blows me away how far they have come, even heard them on CSI NY and went WOW!!!! A little Aussie band who are so young, amazing

Giovanna Scott said...

Hi Danielle
No! Never apologise. Your blog, your life, your way.
Enjoy your family and appreciate them and nurture them and share whatever and whenever.
I still love your art/scrapping/stuff...


sylvia said...

Hey Danielle, no, everythings fine, just let it out!! :)) Love what you do, you know that and appreciate every piece of art and yourself that you share with me! Will write soon, love ya, Sylvia