Reedy Creek and Other Adventures

Here are a couple of random shots from our weekend at Ben's dad's place , Reedy Creek South Australia. Near Kingston and Robe. Lovely, cold, ocean and country air. More stars than you can imagine in the sky, with the dust of distant galaxies a backdrop to the awesome sight. These shots are actually the only couple I quickly edited while we were there, I haven't dumped the rest from my camera yet - more adventures and cute nephew photos to come from the couple of days we were in SA.

We picked Lilly-Pillies. This photo is of Sienna holding some of them, this will probably be featured on the Outback Pride website at some point. Speaking of which, there are just a couple of details to go and the new site design will be going online soon.

This afternoon I hung my first mixed media exhibition - I had a photography exhibition in this same cafe a couple of years ago. It looks good, I will upload photos in a couple of days. It feels kind of nerve-racking having them on display, though I really just wanted to see them all hanging up together. I don't have the wall space at home. It was also really hard pricing the artwork, it feels strange to attribute a monetary value. Balancing out time, meaning, emotional attachment, materials, whatever. I am happy it's done, but still feel a bit self-conscious. I guess it's just that art is a personal thing and it is a part of me on display for total strangers to see, and express opinions on (well, potentially).

The kids and I are spending tomorrow at Philip Island visiting a friend. I have a gazillion and a half things to do, as usual - especially because I ignored everything to spend yesterday painting. I'll upload pics of the two pieces I made, probably on Friday I guess. They are part of my exhibition anyway.



Ruey said...

Love love love your photos, your art and your talent!!! All the best with your mixed media exhibition!!! Catch up soon!

goddessjodi said...

Hi DQ - awesome news about your exhibition! Where is it exactly (i'm assuming close by), I might have time on the weekend to take a sneak peak!