Far Far Away

Well, not that far. Just Adelaide. As usual ;)

Here are some faves from the recent photo shoot for Perfect Amity - gorgeous knitted hats in fruity and floral themes! It was such a hot day for the shoot, but the kids did really well and all looked super cute in their little beanies.

Had a great time hanging out with the gorgeous Viv, Jason, Jameela and Luna at Noarlunga Beach yesterday afternoon. I usually feel like a bit of an idiot when I meet new people or meet people in real life, I feel self-conscious (you know?) and weirdly chatty. Something I love about Viv is that hanging out with her doesn't necessarily make me NOT feel like an idiot, LOL, but it makes me feel like it wouldn't even matter if I was... it's just all relaxed and whatever and fun anyway. Sienna adored the girls, though there always seemed to be some emotional outburst happening from one child or another (Ash included). It was quite funny.

Today I want to get some photos printed and I think we'll try and catch up with another person or two - it is one day that is not scheduled yet, but as it is now 9:30 I think I'd better stop working and computer-ing and start organising!


sylvia said...

yay for organizing, LOL! gorgeous photos Danielle. Am happy you had so much fun with it!

Creative Busy Bee said...

Love those hats so much!! So cute!