Some more rejects... LOL

These two were for Memory Makers cover calls but weren't selected. Actually 'climb' tied for the cover for the March/April issue but when it came to a vote the other one won (and I agree with that decision - check out the mag, the cover is very cool!). As far as I can tell, all the current Masters and the runners-up are invited to submit, so it's pretty talented competition. The photo on 'The Real Me' is by the gorgeous Donna Wild. I can't help but think I was being optimistic when I made that layout though. Oh well, a bit of optimism can't hurt!

Something exciting is that my first international publication is in that issue - March/April Memory Makers - in the 'Art Journaling' article. They photographed it beautifully, on a glossy red table and with twigs around it, I will take a photo later and post it here :)

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