What is with 'time'?!

It keeps running away from me. Makes me crabby. Actually it wasn't making me crabby until last week, I was just rushing around and doing one thing and then the next, until I got sick last week. I don't even know what is wrong, but think it is possibly just stress and exhaustion? Or some kind of inner-ear thingy.

Anyhow, it makes computer work hard to cope with, my eyes spazz out and I feel dizzy and sick. Also when I do other things, but often when on the computer. Makes processing my photo shoots very difficult, as you can imagine, so that has slowed down this weekend. Will plod on, though, just try and be gentle with me :) Or is that what I should be saying to myself?

In any case, it did feel wonderful to put the computer away entirely yesterday afternoon and scrap at the kitchen table. Sienna scrapped too, though she talks a lot while she does it, and keeps stealing my supplies, so it can get annoying. But she did a couple of very cute, and funny, layouts. Will try and remember to photograph them later.

I finished two layouts I began in Sydney, one in my hotel room and one in Celine's class. I LOVED Celine's classes, the projects themselves were fantastic of course, but really it was such an eye-opener about how classes can be conducted, especially the layout class. Instead of teaching a specific layout and just telling you to make it your own (which, admirably, many teachers do encourage you to do), Celine demonstrated the techniques she used to make the layout, throwing together an entirely different and new layout as she demonstrated her techniques. Then you were given a collection of Rouge de Garance papers and a few embellishments in a pack and given the freedom to use them as you wish! Awesome. Anyhow, I started this green one in that class, though I photographed it at night and inside, so the colours aren't quite right. The papers are from the 'Picoti Picota' range, which is coming to Kiti Q in December - yay!

The other one I finished from Sydney is for Sketches Oz and will be up at the end of this week I believe, inspired by Clair Bremner's sketch. The last layout I did completely yesterday afternoon when the others were finished is 'Sweet Lollipop Dreams' and uses two of the new Lilou papers from Rouge de Garance, which I am very grateful to Celine for giving me in Sydney! They are very sweet and pastel, (i.e. not my colours!) but the designs are beautiful so I still wanted to play with them. This photo is of my friend's daughter Indiana. Embellishments are mostly Love, Elsie. Colours aren't quite right on this photo either, but never mind.

I also just realised I didn't post my Paper Pesto' layouts here yet! Well, don't want to make this ridiculously long, so will just post my fave. I did a little photo shoot of Kell's neighbour Jude and her two boys Oskar and Kasper, as the kit was pirate-themed and I didn't really have many photos from my own stash. This one is of Kasper. Check out my other layout and mini-book in the Paper Pesto gallery.

And having finished processing Kathy's photo shoot from Sydney, I just have to share another favourite or two. I have loads of photos to look through after I finish editing the Sydney shoots, so will be sharing a bunch over the next couple of weeks.


Natasha said...

I wish I was at those classes. Your layouts and photography are brilliant.

I hope you feel better soon.


sylvia said...

A lot of brightness on your blog, love it with these dark grey November days over here. Please take care of yourself, Danielle! Make sure you get some time to breath in and out!!! Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

great stuff {as always} dQ!

Karen said...

I love your work....beautiful scrap pages!