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The fabulous Emily F tagged me on her blog last week, and my blog stats went up significantly for a couple of days, LOL. So, this is the 7 random things of me...

1. I used to take a raw potato or massive raw carrot to primary school for lunch. Because I hated sandwiches (still do - I like them fresh, but not pre-prepared, the slight sogginess of bread makes me feel ill) and I LIKED my raw veg. Yes, my mum was embarrassed about it. But I insisted. I was a strange child.

2. When I was 12 my family went to the Royal Adelaide Show but I couldn't get the showbag I had chosen, as they were all out. So I got a Cherry Ripe showbag instead, choosing it because of the actual camera that came inside. Have loved photography ever since, and still love some of the photos I have that I took with that little plastic camera (110 film - remember that? $2 from the local bargain shop!), including one of my best friend and I which I used in this layout, one of my poppa that I scrapped for Paper Pesto, and one of Rosie (best friend) which I scrapped for my article 'Create an Echo' in Scrapbook Creations.
By the time I was 15 I had hijacked a Pentax SRL from my dad ;) I still have my first camera though, in my camera collection. Actually I still have the Pentax too, but don't really do film anymore.

3. Speaking of Rosie, for years of my childhood we played and made up all sorts of imaginary worlds and games together. The most consistent game, though, was pretending to be flower fairies. Not just fairies, but flower fairies from Rosie's mum's Cicely M. Barker flower fairy books. When Rosie was Blackthorn, I was Snowdrop. When she was Geranium, I was Yarrow. Or maybe they were the other way around. They were our main characters, anyway, though we played a few other fairies from time to time. Now I have the books for Sienna, though they are all up on a shelf at the moment.

4. I am 26. Not really random, actually. Just the thing I thought of next ;) I turn 27 in January, and share my date of birth with Ben's older brother Toby. My sister Kelly is 2 years and 3 months older than me, and Hayley is 18 months younger. My parents are pretty young, my dad just turned 49 the other day, my mum is still 48 until February. It is their 30th anniversary in a week! OK, enough with the 'random fact' of numbers.

5. I have always been a cat lover, ever since I was a kid. We had a family cat who I kind of adopted as mine, he died when I was 12 I think. I also had a cat who was just mine, Shelly. It was at my mum and dad's 15th anniversary party that they said I could have her. She died when I was 18. When Ben and I had been living in Melbourne for a few months, with Kell, we got a new kitten and named her Wink. She was ginger and playful, a good looking cat, and a bit crazy. Later on we also got Neko, our black boy cat, from the vet. About five years ago, Wink went on one of her wanders and never came back. I posted signs, walked the neighborhood, but noone had seen her (and everyone knew who she was!). We now have another ginger cat, Boo, who was one of a dumped litter and we got her when I was 4 months pregnant with Sienna. But since Wink went missing, it just hasn't been the same. I still like cats, and Boo is really a lovely cat, but it's not the same.

6. I studied 'Classical Studies' in year 12. We studied Ancient Greek history and mythology, including Homer's Odyssey, Greek plays by Sophocles etc. I really liked it, it was such an interesting subject.

7. During my (long) labour with Sienna, I listened to two cds. 'Between Darkness and Wonder' by Lamb, and Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. I think it was the Miles Davis cd that was playing when she was actually born. I don't remember having music during Ash's birth. I should ask Ben if he remembers.

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Anonymous said...

raw POTATOS? mm, yummy - bet all the kids wanted to swap lunches with you! hehe...loved readong your random randomness ;)