Mental Blank

It has been on my mind to blog, but I am just having a mental blank trying to recall what I wanted to blog about.... hmmm.....

Anyhow, this month's Q Tea kit is probably my fave so far (though I also loved September's), and I used some of my kit to cover my 2008 diary - isn't it cheerfully cherry-ish? I replaced the ribbon bookmark thingy with the red lace from the kit, and attached a dew drop bling and a cherry button to the end, so it will be fun to use next year.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my mini-book. It sold for a grand total of $61 at the crop day, which I was quite happy about :) And it is a good cause of course. I want to make more books like it, though, as I just LOVED choosing interesting and inspiring quotes, just because I like them, and then just going with the flow. I don't know if Ben would want me to make more, though, I had stuff ALL over the lounge while I was doing it :)

So at the crop day on Sunday, I finished the layout 'dig', which uses a kit from Scrap In Style tv, with that cool background paper designed by Kristina Contes. Then I covered my diary, then I made this bright and fun layout 'She Makes Me Laugh' about cousin Bec. It was totally a just for fun, splash colour on it kind of layout, which is very relaxing and cheery to make!

In the wee hours of the morning, well 5-something, I am due at the airport for my flight to Sydney. Then follows four days of scrapbooking workshops, photo shoots, and general wandering about - all by myself! I am so excited about the classes I have booked - two with Celine Navarro, and one with Lusi Austin. I also loved the sound of Lusi's class on Sunday, but Sunday is my photography day. I limited it to 2 days at the Papercrafts festival ;) Monday is totally unplanned so far, other than the flight home at night time, so that will be interesting too! If anyone will be at the festival, I might see you there!


Scrapsister said...

Have an awesome time Danielle. All the best for the shoots too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle!
Nice to meet you the other day thanks for taking billions of pictures! Good to put faces to names etc at those sorts of things!
Hope you had a ball in Sydney!

Anonymous said...

hey you! can't for the life of me find your email addy - i'll try peamailing you instead :) i want to gush over how much i love the package you sent me! loved seeing all your latest creations here too - i'm so in love with those JEANS!
em xx

Anonymous said...

Love this cherry book! I will have to check out what this Q tea thing is all about...mmmm Have been meaning to let you know for awhile now that I love your LO's on sketchesoz Keep up the great work.