I have these flowers in the garden, the beginning of a pretty sparse garden along the fence of the kid's garden. Sienna picked these. When she picked the snapdragons, it was like "oh that's sweet, thank you" and then a nice little chat about why she shouldn't pick any more. An hour later in came the daisies on their 5cm stems. I was a little less grateful that time - there were no daisies left. This was Tuesday lunchtime. Then I kept meaning to photograph them in the little glass on the dining table, but Ash decided to pull half the flowers off the snapdragons. I photographed them anyway, they are such sweet colours (looked good in the garden too!).

So I did this layout yesterday for Kiti Q, originally intending it to be a class kit. It didn't quite turn out how I thought with the paint turning out more transparent than I had expected. So it's for the gallery. Botanical Bliss papers (Tinkering Ink) go rather well with some of the Love, Elsie 'Jack & Abby' papers!

I've begun a work of 'heart' - isn't that cheesy? LOL, love it. OK seriously though, I've begun an altered book just because I really want to. All gel medium, vintage sheets of music and paint and stuff. My best friend growing up (that I'm not blood-related to, Bec!) and still close friend Rosie grew up on a hobby farm on the edge of Mount Barker, South Australia. Since we spent most of our time together, about 2/3 of that at Rosie's place, her farm was the home of many of our imaginative worlds and make-believe creations. Anyhow, when I heard it had been sold and would be demolished for development, I had to go back to take photos. This book is to record those photos, with notes and memories and paint and stuff.

Funny pic of Ash - the kids were playing with dress-ups, Ash had the construction-builder type hat on, and insisted I help him add the blue wings LOL


Scrapsister said...

Great pic LOL. How novel to be scrapping for fun!! Good on you. The book looks great.

Natasha said...

Love the book. Given me inspiration for a book for my dad he is now deceased and he was a musician.

The flowers are beautiful. Also I like the tranparency of the pain in the layout.


Anonymous said...

Love your book, Dan... scrapping just for you for the fun of it, is important too. So enjoy it.