Good old...

Rundle St. Ah the memories. LOL. Well, of course it's still there, but we used to hang out along Rundle St every week, checking out B Sharp, Big Star and the bookshops, watching movies at the Nova, trying different cafes. Peeking around the corner to the Urban Cow Studio.

The Urban Cow Studio - I love this place, it's like an etsy store in a funky old building, all by Adelaide artists. I used to aspire to having stuff there, but of course I moved out of Adelaide, so what can you do. Viv have you been here? It's on Frome Street, just up a bit from Eckersley's. Very cool.

Guess what I just got from Kiti Q.... Jack + Abby! Ok, I haven't got every single thing, but not far off, it looked so cute and warm I just wanted to have it all to choose from.

How about adding this to your bloglines - Candlelit Kits. Candlelit kits are created by Pauline of Fireside Crafts, and you may have noticed I'm on their DT. The blog will feature the regular sorts of updates and also whatever bits and pieces the DT cook up for you, you'll just have to wait and see! I just got the newest kit yesterday and it is full of scrummy Scenic Route goodness, a splash of paint, a few florals and funky massive brads in bright orange - yay! Here is a sneaky peek.

Check out my gorgeous nephew Caden, and a cute one of him and his mum, my little sister Hayley.

So, Ben has said I can go to Sydney for the Papercrafts festival! Yay! I am really looking forward to doing workshops by the fabulous Celine. We are still deciding, though, whether it is all of us, just Ben and I, or just myself.

I am wondering, there were a few people after last year's festival who mentioned they'd like a children's or family photo session with me. Trying to be actually organised this time, I am officially putting it out there - if anyone would like a session in the days around the papercrafts festival (I will only spend one day at the festival itself, probably), just let me know, ask for a price list or whatever! Sessions themselves are $50. There are a few photos in my flickr, I'll try and update it later today.

It's funny, I love photography as much as EVER, but am stopping it being an official business because I just can't be bothered advertising or competing, that stuff stresses me. So it will be a little hobby business for me, which I am far more relaxed about. Maybe one of these days I'll organise myself into a business that encompasses everything I do - photography, scrapbooking, graphic design, whatever else people ask me to do, LOL. Requires more ambition than I possess, I think. ;) OK rambling over. Have a good day!

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Anonymous said...

haven't been into that shop, but have seen it from the outside! mm may have to go in next time we're around!