Head Room

... or lack thereof. Lots of stuff happening, which is good, keeps me busy - though Ash's 6am wake-up calls are really getting to me.

No scrapping to share, unfortunately. I have some photos I've been editing from a family shoot I did for some friends on Saturday, here are some I've done so far (I bought a few funky actions so I can mix them up with my own custom actions which I usually use).

And a cute one of my kidlets

Hmm, what else. I fixed the car today - the inside front seat door handles (left and right) had been broken for quite awhile. So it was quite satisfying to pop into Toyota while Kell had the kids, since it is a Tuesday, and install them myself later on. I also picked up enough new sand to fill up the sandpit, so all four kids will have fun playing outside tomorrow, and I might even be able to scrap! Yay!

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jilly said...

Stunning photos as always Danielle! Those two little ones of yours are just gorgeous - surely they couldn't get up to any mischief!!