Who's been a slack blogger...

I have! Mostly because I've not had a chance to create much. Well, not entirely true. One little thing for a mag, which I can't show you, and one little canvas for a friend, which I won't show until I know she's received it. No layouts.

But I have finished a Travel Journal Class Kit for Kiti Q - it will be released at the Picture to Page show this weekend as a limited edition of only 3 kits! And it is really cool, if I do say so myself.

Thank you thank you for all the well-wishes and concern about Ash. It was all kind of surreal, and he has been completely fine since. Still, we have taken him out of childcare. It was only weekly, but now he'll be at home with me all the time, so if it happens again at least I can witness it. But hopefully it won't happen again!

And hopefully I won't go any more insane than I am already, having both kids home with me all week long. And no car. Hmm.. It's ok, if I do go a bit strange, I doubt anyone would notice the difference ;)

Hopefully I'll get time to upload some photos soon, somewhere in this crazy week getting ready for Picture to Page. And editing wedding photos (I photographed a wedding on Saturday), with a bit of graphic design work on the side - because I have time. Yeah right, LOL. Actually I will HAVE to upload photos of these cute aprons I'm making for us to wear on the Kiti Q stall on the weekend. A bit flirty, a bit dotty. Very cute. And yes, I will actually be wearing a hot pink apron. Wonders will never cease.

Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

It great that Ash is ok now. I hope you take care of yourself too. I'll see you at the show.

Anonymous said...

I'll look out for your Travel Journal Class Kit at the P2P show. What stand will it be on?

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle, congrats on making the Paper Pesto DT, just thought i'd pop by your blog and say hi, looking forward to working with you.