Confessions of a Non-Blogger

7 Random facts about me, by Leanne Ryan
  1. In 1988 I was school captain of the primary school the boys go to now. Circle of life, huh?
  2. I decided to become a writer in grade two. My first published works had received rave reviews from the critics (my parents and teacher) so it seemed the natural course of action. My mum, however, didn’t share my enthusiasm for a career as an author, suggesting I become a journalist instead, because journalists actually made money. So I did. Well, the becoming a journalist bit, not so much the making money bit. Still harbour the dream of being a novelist though. Money’s overrated.
  3. I once worked as a manager at the local McDonalds. Before the boys were born. They can’t believe I was ever that cool.
  4. I’m totally into cricket. So excited that Aust have made the World Cup final. And that it’s on free-to-air. Not so excited about the time conversion. Ugh.
  5. I’m a perfectionist. So much so that I have trouble even picking books at the library just in case they don’t live up to expectation. Sad, huh?
  6. I’m early. To everything. All the time. Can’t help it.
  7. I don’t have a favourite colour. To me, the appeal of each colour depends totally on the context, eg if it’s something I’m going to wear, scrap, put on my wall etc. My favourite colour is the one that best does the job I want it to do in that particular context at that particular time.
Blogger's note (by dq): I tagged Leanne even though she doesn't blog, and loved reading her little quirks and details so decided to share them ;) For those who don't know her, Leanne is the witty scrapbooker/writer who pens 'The Last Word' column that finishes each issue of Scrapbook Creations. Sorry Leanne, but that's what happens when you give me a good title, LOL. I just had to use it. :D

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LOL. Thanks for my fifteeen minutes of fame Danielle. ;)