Am feeling a bit miserable today - came home yesterday evening from painting Kell's kitchen with her all day (is looking very cool - will post before and after pics when done). I didn't notice or feel it until I was driving home, but the glands in my throat were totally swollen and aching. This morning my whole throat, and my left ear, are aching and miserable, so I thought I'd have a whinge ;)

I met this couple the other night - I am photographing their wedding in May, they are a really fun couple so it should be good.

I've been getting loads of ideas for scrapbooking but no time to do anything about it at the moment. I am hoping this week will be better. Did you see Sylvia's blog? This amazing girl decided to join in on the deck of me card project, and completely caught up straight away! Awesome cards too :) I've still got two more to catch up on, and then I guess a new one is posted tonight? I am really liking the tiny format tho. Kell is also thinking about joining in, for the chance to create something small regularly, it is a very funky project idea.

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