Cybercropping away

It is strange cybercropping as I am not the chattiest person. At least, I can be very chatty online in msn, or by email - but forums are different. So I don't post a huge amount of comments. I love the challenges though - stretching creatively. Also because I have photos printed because I like them and they end up used in more interesting ways to fit the cybercrop challenge criteria.

This one - above - is the second challenge at Scrap Top 50's February cybercrop. That will be it, though, as I have other pages and projects I need to work on, and am also trying to get a few things done around the house. I have a bit of website editing to do for Outback Pride, and Ben has been working on my new Danielle Q Photography website, so I have to select some portfolios for those galleries.

Had some oysters last night - so yum. We were also watching Iron Chef at the time, so was feeling very 'foody' ish. A bit of a treat just cos I felt like it. And some red wine, helping me relax quite a lot actually, LOL. I'd had a full day! So by the time I did this scrap page I was feeling very uninhibited, and I think it had quite a good effect on my layout!

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Julie said...

Awesome page Danielle. Looks fabbo. Love the colours.