Twenty minutes away

Miss Sienna is away tonight, and tomorrow night, at her first school camp. The year 3 and 4 class at her school - 18 kids total - is at a Log Cabin getaway with archery, go carts, mini golf, ropes course, giant slide and trampoline.

They were all very excited, and although Sienna had originally wanted me to come with her, she settled for having me driving her and her friend to the camp. We agreed she would call if she really couldn't settle, since I can always go and get her. The camp is only a 20 minute drive from our house, after all :) One of the perks of living on the outskirts of the metropolitan area!

It was funny getting ready for the camp, with a few little details we worked on to make it easier for her. She has her polar bear teddy 'lullaby' which is also a wheat bag. This way she could leave at home her other teddies and her hot water bottle, to save space. I told her this is practice, as she won't be able to bring all her bedtime accessories to Europe with us :) I tightly braided her hair in pigtails, so that she won't need to brush her hair (there's a bit of an art to brushing her hair without tears and so on) and can leave it in until Friday. She has sketchbooks and pencils for quiet time. A couple of other tweaks. The aides and teachers know her and will be looking out for her, in particular at night when she finds it harder to switch off.

She's going to have a fun time, I'm looking forward to hearing about it :)


bappleicious said...

When my DD Holly went on her first camp I had the teacher ring me while they were away - talk about a heart jump in my throat moment. All was ok so that was the main thing. I am sure your DD will have the best time

simona said...

how exciting for all of you! i hope she'll have a wonderful, unforgettable time!