Little Book Adventure

This month on The Little Bookcase, Little Book Adventure the challenge was to recreate a book cover. The kids and I sorted through some of our favourites, and some books with vibrant covers, and we ended up with these two. They chose a few more but these ones we actually did :) First, Where is the Green Sheep? An old favourite, rhythmic and funny book. The kids painted their own sheep bodies a couple of weeks ago, and today I bundled them outside to get a quick shot.

This prompted Sienna to read the book to Cedar on the couch, for Ash to pretend to be a sheep for awhile and for all of them to spend a little longer outside.

We love Stephen Michael King's illustrative style, and have lots of books he has written and/or illustrated. This one is quirky and funny, and includes Prudence adopting 'Formal Footwear' as a pet for a few days, which rather took Sienna's fancy. I'm pretty sure her version of our not-so-formal footwear is still in the kitchen with a bowl of leaves for dinner!

At the moment I'm editing, getting ready to pack to go to Adelaide, preparing some artwork for hanging next week, making a little progress on a graphic design project and wondering if I will manage to get to the post office today with an Outback Pride order...

Tomorrow we have an appointment and a playdate, reviewing my workshop notes and preparing my equipment for travel plus an early night before our day of driving to Adelaide on Friday!


Jackie@My Little Bookcase said...

These tableaux are so brilliant, vibrant, and fun.

Thank you so much for taking part. I love that your kids continued to have fun after the photo shoot.

simona said...

very cute! what a neat idea to recreate book covers.
i just noticed how long sienna's hair has gotten, beautiful!

Maxabella said...

These are so gorgeous, Danielle! I've so missed visiting your blog regularly. I've just had a major 'back track' and loved every post. Your scrap booking is looking amazing. Are you still really enjoying it?


Muddle Puddle said...

These are gorgeous!! What A GREAT idea!!