Ahoy from Adelaide

Here we are in Adelaide again for some of the school holidays. The kids and I drove over on Friday (technically the last day of term, but we usually skip the last day of term 1 to avoid Easter celebrations at school). On Sunday morning I had a fantastic time running Loving Light Chapter Two workshop at the Port Adelaide wool sheds. This is Marlie, our lovely model for the morning...

And the gorgeous ladies who attended. It was really a lovely morning, and the light was very nice!

A couple of snap shots of Sienna and Ash from yesterday morning, they were in a good mood to see that I had picked up daddy from the airport the night before so that he could join us on our holiday here. It was our 13th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, so Ben and I went to Kenji Modern Japanese on Hutt Street for dinner - heading straight from the airport. It was truly amazing! The highlight would be the Creamy Brie sushi, with brie cheese, roasted capsicum, walnut and something else I can't remember in a sushi roll, tempura battered and deep fried. AMAZING.

This morning we went and saw "The Pirates: Band of Misfits" which has become a new family favourite. Ben and I both loved it, and obviously Ash was just enthralled, but everyone enjoyed it. We even had the whole cinema to itself, Mt Barker obviously wasn't as excited as we were about seeing this new film at 10 in the morning! A highlight was when the Flight of the Conchords song "I'm not crying" started while Pirate Captain wandered the streets of London. Loved it.

A few family gatherings planned for the weekend, and a bit of stress regarding some delayed award mounts for my photo prints (so that I can enter the AIPP VIC photography awards, due next week, for the first time), plus a couple more scrapping deadlines to complete while I'm over here, and by Monday I will be ready for the road trip back home I think!

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