Love at Georgie Love

Apparently I need prompting to blog at the moment, for whatever reason! Anyway I came across this lovely giveaway by Georgie Love and thought I would participate.


if I had $50 to spend at Georgie Love I would have a hard time choosing. I would love to put it towards one of these clocks... so fairytale whimsical. I would have it in my loungeroom.

I found something else I would add to my list but it would be a gift for someone who might read my blog, I'm not sure! So I won't link that one. Ooh how about this:

It's a bit lovely, isn't it? I do love a lovely necklace or two. And Ash would love me forever if I wore this one:

I love window shopping online. Georgie Love is great for that, especially when I'm on a strict budget as I can't decide on anything and end up admiring a lot but purchasing nothing. I do the same thing a lot at Leeloo and Lark. A friend once recommended I submit my art to Georgie Love but I never did anything about it. I'm a bit lazy like that ;)

My own shop Curious Bazaar is a bit similar to Georgie Love actually, with a smaller range of sellers and products as nothing is available elsewhere and is all made locally in the Dandenong Ranges area. I'll be adding some gorgeous new baby / toddler pants and vests from Sew Chirpy soon!

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sylvia said...

oh yes, i'm loving a whimsical necklace or two, too! and that clock... **sigh***