It's La-la-land around here

Or should I say, Lalaloopsyland... Sienna started collecting mini lalaloopsy dolls a year ago, with the first eight released, and now has a bit of a collection of mini dolls, two big lalaloopsies - Lady Stillwaiting and Blossom Flowerpot (who has been sadly decorated in permanent green texta by a certain little brother) - and one little sis' - Specs Read-a-Lot (from Auntie Kell). Mini Pillow Featherbed has a broken (missing) leg and Dot Starlight had to have a funeral after she was beheaded by Cedar. Sienna decorated a cardboard box very prettily for the occasion.

Sienna also has the mini lalaloopsy treehouse, and my parents recently bought her the remote control mini lalaloopsy car, plus she has bits and pieces from playsets, like the bath tub (from Auntie Hayley), the bed and the cafe table and chairs. All quite itty bitty and cute. She has the DS game and loves playing on the website. She draws pictures of them and makes up her own picture books about them. She dresses up in similar outfits on the weekend, layering clothes that she has in the 'right' colours for her chosen character ;) In true Asperger style, she's either not that interested in something, or she's completely obsessed!


At the moment she is working towards some new mini dolls, plus the school bus, as part of her 'positive reinforcement' for occupational therapy. For each week where she does all her homework - 3 times a week - and her OT session itself, in a cooperative fashion, she gets one mini doll. At the end of the 6 week block she gets the bus if she's checked every box on her chart. But my point is, she's been collecting them for awhile now but it's only really the last two or three months that she has become really obsessed with them. Ash and Cedar each have two mini dolls and a big one too, they love them. Not as much as Sienna, but still. Ash has all the 'Patch Treasure Chest' pirate ones, not surprisingly, and Cedar has the big 'Sir Battlescarred', the mini 'Forest Evergreen' and the mini 'Ace Fender Bender'. These ones below are on the shopping / wish list....

So, anyway, when informed on Friday that she needed a pencil case, I thought we'd make her one with a bit of Lalaloopsy flavour. I'm not generally one to buy branded things like clothes and pencil cases, but I'm happy to make one, LOL. It was quite fun to ignore my to-do list and do some stitching for a change. This was all using stuff I had around, though I did have to cut up an old hoodie of Cedar's to use the zip. She requested the owl - Bea Spells-A-Lot's pet - be included to suit the school theme, so I made it a zip puller.


It made an 8-year-old girl very happy, though, so it's all good :)

I wanted to link up with 'Pin it? Make it!' on Kell's blog, but the truth is I searched pinterest for pencil cases and there were barely any at all. So I just started from scratch and made it up out of my head. Maybe someone else will pin it and make it one day!


Muddle Puddle said...

Gorgeous! I love the pencil case, very you & her, very clever :-)

small forest said...

That is STUnning!
Mali would love one of these down the track.
Ive been wanting to link to kel too but everything is on hold right now,

simona said...

love, love, love this pencil case with all these cute details!!!