Morning time

Today I got up at quarter to 8, changed and dressed Cedar, made breakfast for Ash and Cedar, made lunch for Sienna and Ash, took my natural medicine, got Sienna up and dressed, got Ash dressed (he'd been up for hours, drawing), and got the kids to school on time while I ate a Carman's fruit-free muesli bar for breakfast. Then I tidied the house - not too hard since we had tidied it yesterday before lunch, had a shower while Cedar watched 'Little Einsteins' and put on a load of washing. Got dressed - again - and wrote an article about the creative urge for Maeve magazine* while Cedar emptied my purse all over the floor and my friend who I pay to vacuum the floor and clean the bathroom twice a week did her good work in the rest of the house.

I put on a second load of washing, finished loading and put on the dishwasher, played with Cedar, invoiced a client, organised a meeting for next week, reminded hubby to make a Dr appointment, read blogs, checked forums, put Cedar down to sleep and made myself a decaf coffee. Now it's 11 minutes past 11am and I'm going to edit photos. Here are a few I prepared earlier (photos, that is).

 *Disclaimer - it is not usually this easy, or quick, to write, but I pretty much had this idea already in my head and something happened this morning that concreted it for me. So it just had to come out.

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artsy ants said...

wow, sounds like a busy morning. but doesn't it feel good to get so much done. and edit photos after that?!