Daylesford treasures

As well as wandering, eating, drinking, photographing things and generally exploring, a highlight of our girls' weekend in Daylesford was shopping - especially vintage shopping! Here are some of my purchases.

This gorgeous little trinket box I got as a gift for my cousin Bec, and the frame (which is about 5" wide) I will keep to add to somewhere on my walls... Both of these little finds I got for $5 (total!) from the Daylesford Sunday Bric-a-Brac Market.
Am so in love with this little cuckoo clock - the clock bit is broken but I don't actually care about that. For awhile I've wanted a cute little German folk-art ish cuckoo clock to add to my walls, a little nod to my dear friends in Hamburg as well as a gorgeous combination of vintage and travel style. Score! This was one of the things I bought from Daylesford Bazaar, I think this piece was one of Allison's.
This pile is a combination of patterns and buttons from Daylesford Bazaar, free vintage books and a cute jar purchased from the Lark warehouse sale.
This is another one from Allison's stall at Daylesford Bazaar, the lady who served me was lovely and told me she remembered Allison buying it from them in the first place. It is going to go on my desk - when I finish rearranging this madhouse - and probably have scrapbooky fun kept in it.
I collected these frames from both Daylesford Bazaar and Mill Markets, I want to put in some family photos and fix them up. Though that front one with the birds, I really like that picture. So am not sure yet.
I bought a vintage crinoline dress for Sienna from the Mill Markets as well, it is in the background of this picture. The pink one is another vintage crinoline dress I'd bought her from a Belgrave shop called Walk in Wardrobe. We tried them on her, and they both fit! Much to my surprise, I thought they'd be too small. So these may pop up in a photo session or two in warmer months ;)

These super cute lunch bags are from Lark, I popped in for a second visit on the Sunday and bought all three - Woodland, Dolly Girl and SpaceBoy. One for each of the kids :) They are only $10.95 and 95% made from recycled products. Lark is one of my favourite shops ever... I am currently drooling over the Fawn lamp... but never mind that ;) I also bought Sienna the Ava's Tea Party melamine dinner set and Ash the Pirate Party set. The pirate set is particularly irresistible and they both LOVE them.
And lastly, this 12"x12" Bell & Boo pirate print was on my wish list for Ash's room already, and it was reduced to $30 in the warehouse sale - total SCORE. I was very happy, and even better that it looks great inside this ikea frame I had sitting around at home. Not so perfect is Sienna and Ash telling me they want to change the room decorations to a castle theme. Ahem. We'll have to see about that ;)


artsy ants said...

that cuckoo clock is adorable. great finds Danielle!!

simona said...

you really found some treasures here, very special items! ...thanks for taking the pictures and posting so we get to see them too!

michelle macdonald said...

I love those frames too!