It's still love (and a giveaway)

Ha, with a title like that I should be telling you about Ben and my 12th wedding anniversary which was on Sunday (and it was great), but that's not what this is about :)

Scrapbooking, I still love it... I think I'm the only one in my immediate circle who still does it! I have Scrapbook Creations mag to thank for that, needing to create at least one page a month kept me going through about a year where I wouldn't have otherwise found time for scrapping. Then Scrapboxx reignited my sense of fun and playfulness with their competition back at the end of 2009 - which I didn't win but shortly after was invited to join their DT and have been happily designing kits and creating challenges over there for a year now...

Anyway, I realised I forget to share what I've been up to scrapbooking-wise here on my blog, so here is an update of recent pages. Three of them I made on the recent retreat where I was official photographer - man, was that a fun weekend. So good. The other is from the current Scrapbook Creations mag but was actually created back in August last year, using the Yellow, Black and White colour scheme to focus on Cedar's sunny personality... which, quite frankly, comes and goes now that he's a toddler, LOL.

Here's a question and a giveaway for you - how would you describe my scrapbooking style? Does it remind you of anyone? Comment here with two or three words describing my style, with an extra entry if you include another scrapbooker who my style reminds you of, and in 1 week I will do a random draw and send out a Curiouser magnet to the winner :) (note: this seems really self-oriented, but I have a reason for asking which I will share soon enough!)


Shazz said...

Your scrapping style is.....
And your style reminds me a lot of Ngaire Bartlam

Louise said...

Fun, Quirky, Unique, which means I dont know of a similar style,... maybe some of the european scrappers perhaps will message you when I find their proper names :)

Lou xx

sylvia said...

your style is

and it reminds me sometimes of Celine Navarro!

did you get my sms? still not sure if this is working... happy belated anniversary if you didn't get it.
hugs xx

Natalie Elphinstone said...


Very unique! The way you manage to 'throw' all sorts of bits and pieces together and it always works!

I agree with the European idea. SOme of the Swedish, Norwegian and French scrappers I subscribe to are quite similar to your style in my opinion. For example, have you checked out the Skissedilla sketch blog? Many of the DT have a similar style. It's at

Mel said...

Quirky, fun and arty/ Fun loving creations that are filled with vibrant colours.

Leanne J said...

Danielle Q,

well.. YOU.. everytime i see you i know its you..or sometimes when i see someone who is similar to you i always think of YOU.. so YOU..

happy days...