Cedar's new clothes

Cedar has had a couple of lovely new things to wear and model this last week... here he is in his new hoodie made by my talented sister Kelly of Polkadot Lane! This very quick photo session took place across the road from my mum and dad's house, on the railway line we grew up near. Right near here is an oak tree I used to sit in and read.

These last two show Cedar in his lovely new eskimo jacket from Little Tree Kids, made by sweet Wendy... she took it in a little at my request, I love seeing things snug on my slim kids - so cute!


sylvia said...

oh LOVE both pieces. so so cute!

the package arrived today! yay! thanks so much! just the day i cast on something i'm making for your kids. will need a few more days to finish though!

simona said...

he's so cute i'd love to cuddle him :)
i just noticed how cedar's hair has a really beautiful golden shade of blonde. adorable!