A week later

And a lot of things having happened, beautiful places visited and wonderful people met... photos of Byron Bay to come!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few favourite things :)

Paper Boat Press I have mentioned before, but the new news is that Kylie Johnson now has three of her ceramic poetry vessels available through Anthropologie, how exciting!

The Book Depository is one of my regular book shopping destinations (virtually, that is!). This is just one of the books on my wishlist there...

A few selections from my etsy favourites list - Custom Heart Tree Pillow

I love these skirts

And I love trinket-y little jewellery with vintage details, like this bee bracelet

Rob Ryan is a favourite of mine, a brilliant paper craft artist, but I also discovered this other paper cut artist on etsy... Tina Tarnoff. Love this one with my weakness for the Neverland theme (not to mention the Wonderland themes...) and this one is so lovely too...

And this pendant is so sweet

On the discoveries front, one of my favourite places to (window) shop is Lark, which I've mentioned plenty of times before, but they always have fresh inspiration there...

And a couple that I've meant to visit but so far haven't made it to are Little Shop Of in Carnegie and Meet Me At Mikes in Fitzroy. The sort of places I see when I travel but don't get around to visiting the Melbourne alternatives, funnily enough!

It's fun shopping and dreaming but it also inspires me to make stuff myself. Hmm. Now, to find the time...

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