First day of school

4 weeks ago it was the first day of school - for Ash his first day of prep and for Sienna of grade 2. Everything went pretty smoothly and Ash in particular has settled in really well, better than expected. I was really impressed that straight away Ash got in the habit of packing his bag up himself and walking out of the classroom at the end of the day (something Sienna still struggles with!). They're awesome kids, so cute here hugging each other in front of our chalkboard doors in the kitchen :)

Even so, last week I joined the principal and the DEECD rep to lodge his application for funding - the speech therapist had diagnosed him with a severe receptive and pragmatic language disorder, and he's also had some behavioural issues, so we have our fingers crossed that his application is successful. It would make such a difference to his learning if an adult is constantly available to explain things to him one-on-one!


sylvia said...

oh wow now look at Ash, such a big boy, amazing! Your kids are so cute, love that hugging photo!

Kate said...

These are just gorgeous Dan!!! so glad the kids have settled into school so well. Thanks sooo much for our photo shoot on friday, I am stalking your blog for sneaks!! hope you had a good weekend in the Hunter, and come back soon :)