Made It

Launching the Curiouser & Curiouser MadeIt shop...

All my baby items have just been taken out of my etsy and listed in my brand new MadeIt shop instead. More and more I feel, as much as the international marketplace is fascinating and valuable, it is really important to support local crafters as well. To reflect this approach I want to support the Australian handmade marketplace that is MadeIt, and I hope it will also make it more straightforward for locals to be able to buy in AU$ and with the option of direct deposit payments. International customers may still purchase via MadeIt, of course, and paypal is also a standard payment option.

I find it inspiring and motivating to reflect on the things you've made in the past... though to be honest it can have the opposite effect as well (as in, look at the stuff I've made sitting around, what's the point). I think it depends on my frame of mind at the time. Or whether I like the stuff I've made in the past. What do you think? Do you find reflecting on past creativity encouraging or paralysing?


sylvia said...

i find it more encouraging. because i got more done in the past. i always hope to get back there.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the new shop! i opened one recently too but no time to stock it yet. think i'll run both still. advantaged with this one being in $AU though!

love when i come across old things i've made; some a bit simple & crappy, some show glimpses of exactly where i'm at today.

kate m