I bought this tshirt online the other week, it was on sale and I wanted to get it for Sylvia (the cloud refers to her maiden name, plus it is pretty cool). They only had two sizes in stock so I got the 12, thinking they'd be fairly slim-fitting as the particular shop often is. When it arrived, though, it looked like a generous 12 and I knew it was too big for Sylvia, so it turns out I've bought myself a new tshirt! I really like it, so it works out well for me, and in a strange twist of events it now just reminds me of Sylvia when I put it on. The tie around the neck is part of the tshirt, ignore my camera strap hanging down at the right side ;)

Congrats to Kell and Roh on their 7th wedding anniversary today - this pic is from last night, when they were on their way out to dinner, looking all spiffy. Lana and Jude were very well-behaved for me, so that was great :)

I did this page on Friday while Kell and I were watching Zoolander in the afternoon. It was one of those days where we were both kind of grumpy and unmotivated, but wanted to do SOMETHING. Hence the movie, and I played with scrap supplies at the same time. The photo is from about a year and a half ago, the journaling I took from a blog entry around the same time. Prima background paper, some book paper and cardboard, the circles are from a Daisy D's wonder years paper and a few items are from the current Q Tea kit Folklore Forest. It was fun! I might do some more scrapping this week.

Though we just bought a wardrobe off ebay and I need to paint it white. I am quite excited at the prospect of a wardrobe with doors. First time since having a walk-in robe in our rental house, which was... hmm... 8 years ago or so. Yay for a wardrobe with doors! If only it was ALREADY white! But I have the paint sitting here, so that's my main goal this week.


sylvia said...

I would have loved this T-shirt. You know my taste so well :)) but I love the thought very much that wearing it makes you think of me. luv ya!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww Kel and Roh look so cute in the pic!!! Happy Anniversary! xx

Nevis said...

Love the tee

lusi said...

Gorgeous page and shirt mate and happy belated anniversary to Kel and Roh :)
Love Lus x