Turning 28

OK, let's start with a disclaimer - I don't celebrate birthdays. So, no parties or whatever. But I do find it interesting to reflect, and on Saturday I turned 28. A lot has happened in the ten years since I turned 18 on the 17th January...

Turning 28, I was
  • In Mount Barker, and then later in the day at Reedy Creek, South Australia, as my grandad's funeral was the day before
  • 16 weeks pregnant with our third (and final!) baby, looking forward to 20 weeks when we find out whether it will be a girl or boy
  • About to see my eldest - Sienna - start primary school for the first time, in just two weeks
  • In the middle of rearranging our house, moving Sienna and Ash into their own rooms and moving Ben and I back into the master bedroom
  • Running my own business, Q Tea Kits, currently making 50 kits per month
  • Planning a family holiday to Hobart for our 10th anniversary, in April (yes, I was young, no, I have never been 'normal'!)
  • A regular contributer to Scrapbook Creations, an Australian scrapbooking magazine
  • Addicted to home magazine Real Living
  • A bit slack at looking after my native foods recipe blog 'Season With Saltbush'
  • Currently 'off' in my on/off role as photographer ;) - at the moment, it's just for fun
  • In between two school years of acting as treasurer for my kids' pre-school
  • Aiming to increase my personal spiritual study and read the bible more regularly and thoroughly, and feeling blessed that I am able to help someone else study the bible at this point in my life
  • Looking forward to Autumn
  • Wondering how hard it is to design my own patterned paper or fabric - perhaps for my kits?
  • Feeling like making more stuff - must find the time
And now for a random photo...


lusi said...

How is it
along the way
i have
missed the news that you are
? How is that
We so need to catch up hey!
Loads of love,
Lus x

Tam said...

You're pregnant?! CONGRATULATIONS Dan! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes quickly and happily and healthily for you. xxx

Michelle Macdonald said...

Congratulations on number 3...thats news to me too! Hey turning 29 /30 is much harder! Then turning 40 can be really really really reflective. (horrible in fact LOL) You have achieved so much in the past 10 years so well done to you...and be proud of all those achievements and fine goals Mrs Q.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pregnancy!!! That's awesome news!!!
Here's to a healthy and uneventful pregnancy!

(oh and when are you due? I am due first week of July)

jane fitchett said...

congratulations Danni- on the turning 28 part, and your pregnancy... all the best for an exciting year :0

Sharmaine said...

Congrats on the birthday AND congrats on the pregnancy!!
Congrats on the amazing list of accomplishments!!
PS if you have a spare minute while in Hobart and want to meet, just let me know :) :)

KreativeKelly said...

Congrats on all the wonderful news!!!!

Thought you might like to know about this I found a couple of days ago....

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- Unlimited—there is no minimum quantity.

- Digitally printed with full bleed.

- Available in standard 12” by 12” size as well as a variety of smaller sizes.

- Printed on acid-free and lignin-free paper with environment-friendly inks.

- Printed on a variety of weights, including standard 65# cover stock, vellum, double sided, etc.

Retail prices for an individual 12” by 12” piece of scrapbook paper are similar to specialty paper found in scrapbook stores. Specialty papers, double sided printing and rush fees increase the per page price. Wholesale pricing is also available with a valid tax id. Pricing is available on request for wholesale accounts.

Hayley said...

I LUUUUUVVVVVV that photo Dan! Any chance of a copy?? You put it all so well with your accomplishments etc..... bring on another baby!!

viv said...

i'm with lus on the
so you must've
been pregnant when
you were here right????
wonderful news!!
congratulations dQ!
just beautiful.

Toni Brockliss said...

Hi Danielle,
I am doing the Elsie and Rachel spring classes and I could probably poke my head out the window and yell out to you.
I also live in Upwey and I thought it was amazing that out of anyone in the world who would go on and do the class, we are neighbours!
I just wanted to say hello and I love your blog. It's beautiful.
Best wishes for your pregnancy.

Rebecca Vavic said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE... congratulations on your pregnancy...

You, Me and Lusi all pregnant at the same time SPIN OUT !!

WOWsers, Happy Birthday sweets...

You were in Mount Barker, crazy... we spend lots of time there as that is where hubs originates.

Hugs and love

Rebecca Vavic said...

Oh, and darling *heart*... sorry about your Grandad :(


viv said...

i'm with lus on the
so you must've
been pregnant when
you were here right????
wonderful news!!
congratulations dQ!
just beautiful.