Favourites of 2008

It's tricky to remember what has happened over a year (and work out what was actually from the year before) but I love to collect snippets of info together, so let's give it a shot...

Fave new cd of 2008 - Volume One by She & Him

Fave new TV show - Flight of the Conchords. Classic.

Favourite scrapping product - Prima crochet-style lace / ribbon in lovely bright colours! Can't find a product image, here is a projout using it (one of MANY)

Some favourite layouts from 2008

Some favourite photos from 2008

Favourite Artist - Sabrina Ward Harrison

Favourite blog - Sylvia King

Most inspiring scrapbooking blog - Red Velvet Kit Club (DT Galleries)

Favourite purchase - vintage world globe from Perth, carried home as hand-luggage on the plane in November.

Favourite house update - NEW STOVE!!!

Stuff for my feel good file:
- Technique feature published in November 'Memory Makers'
- Mixed Media exhibition in July
- Invited to join the Scrapbook Creations Colour Expert Team
- Cover layout on December SC
- Won the local prize from the Smile With Centro photography competition
- Re-designed and updated the Outback Pride website
- Made a new friend
- Helped someone study the bible
- Travelled to Perth for the first time
- Took photos for friends and family
- Planted flowers with my children
- Helped Kell with the sale of Kiti Q
- Was actively involved in Sienna's kinder
- Sold over 600 Q Tea kits

Favourite quote - "Lots is my colour!" - Sienna Belle, June 2008.

There was another one about flying into the sunset like Peter Pan 'It's easy!' but I can't find my notebook where I wrote it down ;)


Anonymous said...

heyyy beaudiful girl !!
sorry haven't visited these days !! so...before i forget, ...Happy New Year for 2009 ;)
and oh myyyy those pics are fantastic and those LOs (that i missed to check out in 2008) wouahhhhh amaaaazing :)
well done xxx
Hugs to you girl :)

mezzo mish said...

what a great year!!! I have really enjoyed seeing your stuff in SC magazine this year. Luv Mish

sylvia said...

What a year! 600 kits!!! Wow. Thanks for mentioning my lil' blog :) loved to read your info snippets!

Anonymous said...

what a year dQ!! fabulous! loved having you here... come again? ;)