Scrapperie Gauntlet

I'm doing this competition on Scrapperie at the moment with weekly challenges. I've been really enjoying the prompts they put up! Here are my last couple of week's entries - a non-standard shaped card was round 2's project. I used a charcoal drawing I did years ago for a friend as the basis for the card shape and design.
Round 3 was a non-person or nature subject of the photo (as in, not flower, animal or person). I made a layout about the fridge at my childhood best friend's house where one of my teeth disappeared when I was a kid.

This week's is 'be inspired by a particular artwork'. I chose a painting by Chagall, here is the inspiration. I will post the layout itself next week, I really love it.

I have also received a gorgeous vintage-y kit from Ruby St Designs to work with as a guest glamour girl - I will have some projects to share soon :)


Allie said...

I was just clicking through blogs... I absolutely LOVE your style. Do you scrapbook digitally or are those pictures of actually textured pages? I love all of it!

Danielle Quarmby said...

Wow, thanks Allie. I'm totally paper scrapping at this point :)

Allie said...

I am so glad to hear that! I know a lot of people who are switching to digital because it seems to be easier for them... but I just don't like it at all. Your work is an inspiration! thanks!

sylvia said...

I love that card Danielle. I saw that drawing of yours on your website already ages ago and always loved it. It's great as a card!