2 little girls dressed up all princess-like, I am not entirely sure if Alannah is planning on taking her princess dress off in the foreseeable future, with the exception of bedtime. And possibly kinder. And she looks so sweet, who could care? Sienna tripped over her skirts a little more, and was a little less enamoured of the princess hat, LOL. But cute they did look, and walk in the garden we did - despite the wet grass - for the express purpose of getting some photos.

With my current photo-load though I doubt I will edit any more of them for a little while! Here is a pic of the four of them getting ready for bed last night - the first four-cousin sleepover. They were all very good, though Sienna was a bit of an insomniac and took ages to sleep. She also woke up a couple of times. Otherwise all good :)

Ooh I won the last Got Mojo challenge, coolio. I was very excited :)

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