So Ash is in the wars at the moment. He has a scab on his knee - healing quite nicely though - but the funny thing is that neither Ben nor I know when he fell over. It had all dried blood and stuff on it, but he must have just kept on going and we didn't notice until the next day! Yesterday he had a burst infected bite / pimple on one side of his face, and a bump on his forehead. Today he woke up with a very very swollen eye. Looks awful. This pic is early this morning, later he couldn't even open that eye at all, poor little guy. Took him to the doc and it seems he has had an allergic reaction to a bite of some kind. He is pretty chirpy regardless, I have to say.
Lately Sienna has been all whinge and cry over the tiniest scratch so it is a funny contrast! Mind you she woke me up at 5am yesterday by vomiting profusely all over me in my bed, so she was a bit of a sickie for at least, oh, five hours or so. She missed kinder yesterday as a result, but she got to begin on Monday as planned, and also attended this morning. It is 3 hours per session for the first two weeks, but Sienna doesn't want to leave at the end of the sessions. But I think it does tire her out a bit, she is crabby all afternoon as she refuses to nap. She has a funky backpack though, so it's all worthwhile ;)

I had a very cool 'mail' morning yesterday, receiving a fabulously fun RAK from Em and also my order from Scrap In Style, which includes these: I don't usually use much glitter but I couldn't resist all the tiny jars of colour :)

The theme on Overlooked this round (two) is 'collections', so I took this photo yesterday to represent my collection of old and vintage cameras. I have too many to display - our house isn't that big, really - so now I just buy funky-looking cameras if they are different to the shapes and styles I already have. Yep, it's all about looks, nothing about how collectable they are at all!

Kell is away camping for 5 days so I am looking after Kiti Q. So, um, order lots. Or not ;) Depending on how hard you want me to work. LOL. The last thing Kell did before heading off, though, was uploading some new chipboard birds - all flourishy and gorgeous - from Scrap FX, and a Queen and Co order which includes the cutest compacts of clear stamps. Fun stuff.

Finally, here is a layout from the latest (until the next few days, anyway) Scrapbook Creations. I just got these back, couldn't share earlier as I hadn't photographed 'Time to Play' before I sent it. Well, actually I had, but then I changed it. Anyway, here 'tis. A bit of bright Bam Pop lovin'. There were also 6 calendar pages that weren't shared in my article (and the other 6 were shown twice). So I'll share them tomorrow, along with the sneak peek of a new online class I am doing at the end of March!


Anonymous said...

hey mate ;)
poor ash - is he better now? i hope so and how cute does sienna look with that backpack?! :)
Your online class looks fab too mate - hope it is a raging success for you clever one :)
lus x

::Bek Geach:: said...

Ash really does look like he was bombarded there :( I hope he is feeling much better, tho it sounds as tho he was FEELING fine... funny how they are like that.

Love your layout.

Your online class looks gorgeous, mmmm. YUM!

Hope you are having a beautiful day.