A winner and more SC layouts

OK, thanks to a random number generator, number 1 comment won the native herbs, so that means... Sylvia! I'll post you some Sea Parsley and Wattleseed soon.

Still have a bunch of photos to work through from Saturday's wedding but here is one of my faves so far -

I picked up a copy of Scrapbook Creations yesterday, here are the other ones of mine that are in that feature, there are another couple in Quick Grabs also but I posted them here when I made them ;) Also check out Viv's awesome feature on metal, including the gorgeous piece she made for me :) :) :) and she also used a photo I took of her and Em Falconbridge at Kiwiscraps in April, which is cool. One of Viv's techniques in this article is also the one that Celine demonstrated in Sydney in November - must get me some of that adhesive aluminium tape!

There is also a preview of a calendar I made which is 6 x 12 inches (not 6x8 as is printed in the notes!) which will be in the next issue, as part of my feature 'Room to Move'


::Bek Geach:: said...

Danielle.... These layouts are gorgeous girl!! LOVE them!
Berry berry nice.
B :)

sylvia said...

Awesome layouts! Wow, cool, never expected to win. Okay, I need to check out your cooking blog to find some fitting recipes. Thanks so much Danielle!

Jodie said...

got sc today and checked out your layouts, i really love them all!!
especially the in her world.
awesome stuff!


MarniT said...

These LO's are amazing! I love your style!