Rocket Trip

Since Sienna calls airplanes 'Rockets', we are going on a rocket trip this evening which she is quite excited about. I guess she doesn't remember the last time she went on a plane, it was a couple of years ago for her. I tend to take whichever kid is free, LOL, which is NEITHER OF THEM ANYMORE. Now that Ash is 2 I pay for both their seats, and leaving poor Ben at home to work away, while we trot around the Adelaide Hills without him.

Yay for free babysitting!

OK I am trying to whip around the virtual world this morning, but Ash is climbing all over me and making it very hard. I took some photos yesterday after the convention, since Sienna was dressed so beautifully. Here are the few I've looked at this morning, and then I'm off to finish packing.

Thank you to everyone for your lovely congratulations and excitement for me on the MMM runner-up spot, I was very chuffed :)

Check this out: Dust Echoes. Ben's older brother Toby is an illustrator and animator who works with Vishus Productions and they were part of the second Dust Echoes project, featuring short animated videos of Aboriginal dreamtime stories. Toby worked on Moon Man, The Curse and Namorrodor (hope that is the correct spelling!). Ben and I watched them on Friday and they are really fantastic, we're very proud of how clever Uncle Toby is :) Sienna really liked them too, even though they were a bit scary, and wanted to watch them again. Ash fell asleep, LOL. OK packing calls. Bye!

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sylvia said...

What a gorgeous dress Sienna is wearing, great photos! Hope you're all well and have a great trip!!