Pity I had to use flash, but this little scene was too cute not to capture (despite the terrible lighting) - Ash wanting to give Sienna a cuddle, Sienna kept trying to walk while he was hanging on, soon they were both giggling...

Just remembered, Bam Pop arrived today at Kiti Q and it is so bright and fun! I started a layout this afternoon, since I was at Kell's anyway, but I think it is for SC so I can't share. Also it's not finished, LOL. Anyway am looking forward to doing MORE with the BamPop cos it is so cool!

Am trying to add all these kid's clothes to ebay this week and it is so boring, I have heaps to go. It is also kind of sad to see some of Sienna's gorgeous clothes move on, but can't keep everything. This one skirt I am thinking I will hang on to for a little while though, it is so sweet and she looked so cute wearing it last winter... not that I can find any pics right now.

Like this Chino kids oriental dress is just beautiful, hope whoever buys it loves it as much as I did. Never mind, all cute things must end, and Sienna has an absolutely stunning dress for this summer, which is why I have to sell her older stuff to make up for buying this new dress! Will post pics FOR SURE when she fits into it.

OK off to bed now, have a great week all!

Oh did I mention Q Tea sold out? Within the week! Am so thrilled. Also have lots of awesome things coming together for future kits too, and some things still to arrive for August, it is lots of fun :)

Photography - I will be in Adelaide for 5 days I think it is at the end of August if anyone wants a photoshoot I am thinking I may book some in. That is babies, kids, families, couples - no weddings! LOL. Just email me if you wanna know more, I think I have some examples in my flickr, should probably update that. Hmm.


jodyg said...

Hey Danielle, check out my blog.

Sarah said...

Love that dress,how cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

The kids are adorable Dannielle!!!

Will get those papers for you Saturday xx

Anonymous said...

Hey DQ

Whats your Ebay username?? What size is that dress? :O

I want it for my B LOL :)

Love the DQ LO Viv did for Tarisota this month :P Very funky :)