There is this song by Regina Spektor that I love, called 'Better'. I love singing along to it and the music, but I really love the lyrics. Part of it goes "And I don't understand, and I don't understand, but if I kiss you where it hurts will you feel better, better, better, will you feel nothing at all". Sometimes whether a person understands (or doesn't) is not the important thing, but that "kiss you where it hurts", expressing care and concern and empathy is enough to make it better anyway. If you know what I mean.

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments, it feels lovely to have people care. I'm sorry if my blog seems dreary too often. Kate, thank you for your hugs :)

Oh my goodness thank you blogger for autosaving, I lost it all but just cancelled the window and it was saved as a draft. OK as far as yesterday goes, Ash went on to: break a chinese dipping dish (he got into the crockery cupboard, found a bowl and a dipping dish and was whacking them together to make noise), get into the pantry cupboard and unscrew (??!?) the jar of instant coffee and distributing the contents over the kitchen floor, pull an entire roll of toilet paper off and on to the bathroom floor (I was showering, and couldn't see what he was doing behind the shower curtain), stuffed a doll down the ducted heating vent in my bedroom (the vent in the kid's room has been taped down for this reason) and after 3 tries, went to sleep in the afternoon. That was the highlight. But then - this (see photo) happened when I was putting on a dvd to placate Sienna - ouch! My poor little toe is all black and purple.

HOWEVER it was a good day in the end, because I scrapped! Yay! Also made a yummy turkish bread pizza for dinner, it was so delicious (even if a little too crispy). It had a mixture of chopped fresh tomato and tomato paste on the turkish bread, topped by mixed mozzarella and tasty cheese, smoked ocean trout, red onion, capsicum and broccoli florets and served with a dressing of Japanese mayonnaise. Mmmmmm. So I scrapped one page in the afternoon while Ash slept, and another in the evening.

This first page features another of Donna Wild's gorgeous photos from our photo session at Reedy Creek and is for this week's scrapjacked challenge, jacking Kristina Contes. This green fabric and the red label may be found in one of Q Tea's first few kits, you never know ;)

My evening layout was roughly based on Celine Navarro's sketch that is on Pencil Lines this week, and is about my 'itchy feet' that long to travel again. The only thing is my photos of these layouts are not perfectly in focus, was too lazy to find the best light, and it's annoying me. I might photograph them again.

Now I'd better check on Sienna - she seems super tired today, she had a late night last night, and has been sobbing uncontrollably because 1. I wouldn't give her more than 2 crackers at a time until she ate what she had 2. her cracker broke in half so she wouldn't eat it anyway, and 3. I cut the last banana in half before giving half to Ash and half to her - she wanted a 'big one' and refused to eat the half. Dramas dramas.

I also have to head out to the post office later to do Kiti Q's orders and check - this is the most important bit, LOL - whether BAM POP has arrived yet! It's due any day, seriously, and I am really looking forward to seeing the Volume 3 papers and the gorgeous new stamp. I can see rainbows making an appearance in my pages soon...


Kelly said...

Oh OUCH Dan! Your poor little toe. Loved the new layouts. Can't wait to see them IRL :-P

Siany said...

Owweee!! That looks sooo painful!! Your layouts are FANTASTIC! I LOVE them both! Gorgeous! So glad I found your blog! xx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling *better* but OUCH your toe looks sore!

Love the layouts :-)

Had to LOL at not wanting to eat the broken crackers and 1/2 banana ... that sounds JUST like something my preschooler would do!!

Sarah said...

Glad you are feeling better,have emailed you back chickie xx

That toe looks painful ouchiesssss

jilly said...

Oooooh, sore toe eh? Ouch!
Sorry, but I had to giggle at your little boy's antics! I sounds soooo much like one of my twins! Aaaaaaargh! (Just as well they're cute isn't it?!?!?). Hang in there Danielle, it WILL get better!

Anonymous said...

oh these pages look fab!! how is your toe?

Louise said...

Hi Danielle
Sorry to post this request in your comments section, but I cant link into your email and would looooooove to register for the Qtea Kits. If isnt tooo much of a pain could you please please email me so that Ive got your email address??

Cheers and thank you Louise :)

Unknown said...

Poor thing! Ouch.

The layouts on the other hand, look fabulous. Really gorgeous stuff.

Donna said...

Poor thing! Ouch.

The layouts on the other hand, look fabulous. Really gorgeous stuff.