Big Hearted

At the start of May, I spent a full weekend attending this uniquely inspiring 'Big Hearted Business (un) Conference' in Northcote. The Regal Ballroom was a gorgeous setting, and styled with tree branches and flowers, Loom rugs and gorgeousness in general. I came home with a notebook full of thoughts and quotes from the speakers there.


"Are you the lone wolf, the connector, the quiet achiever... we need everyone to have different qualities."

"Think about the sweet spot in your comfort zone that is still in a place of reaching"

"You self sabotage more easily that you give yourself permission. We are in our own way."

"When are you going to start? Now, and now, and now."

"It takes courage along the way - through every single knock back you get - to keep going....
I think starting a business is a hero's journey" - Clare Bowditch

Beautiful food and inspiring talk by Joost, a creative powerhouse who lives ten minutes up the mountain from here.


"If you're not enjoying it, maybe you're not digging deep enough, or maybe you need a break"


"Don't compromise what you know to be important to you, for yourself. Don't compromise your values"

"Learn to value people and lean on people"

"We make choices because we know why we do what we do, and what we value. Purpose and values matter. Your connections with other people matter more."

"Our panicking self is the furthest from our authentic self."

"The greatest gift you can give yourself is to try new things. What comes from exploration is the second phase of artistry."

"Stop complaining about the amount of things you can do. Be clear about why you do what you do. Then, learn to say no."


"Your voice is your art in the world"

"You are chasing a feeling that you hope you will experience when you achieve what you want to achieve."

"Entrepreneurship is about having the fire, the courage to keep showing up"

"If it's not a 'Hell, yes!', it's a no."

"Your true nature is luminous"

"Smart people quit sooner."

"The things you stop doing are even more important to revealing your most powerful self"

"Why would you want to distort who you are in any way to appeal to a different audience?"


"Getting over shame is often a struggle for an artist"

"Creating art of any kind is contributing to the world in a heroic way, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time."

"Simply by telling our stories, we're keeping people company"

"We lost the sense of freedom as we grew older, but only because we thought we should."

"Do the work"

"Tell the truth"

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