There's always room for a story

Last year I came across a new Pozible project which just sounded so delightful to me! Since then Story Box Library has launched, and continued to grow into a gorgeous website and resource.

Basically you have videos of a variety of children's books being read out loud. Fantastic illustrations, little animated intros and some great personalities reading the stories are some of the ingredients which make this such an awesome website.

During the school holidays, I played a few stories to the six kids I had for the day (my 3, plus two nephews and my niece). With ages varying from 4 to 10, they were all enthralled and happily entertained, all wanting to choose a story. We all enjoyed the sweet Today we have no plans and then A really super hero had them giggling.

I think my current favourite would have to be Herman and Rosie, but I haven't actually watched every story yet :) Some of the readers include the divine Clare Bowditch, Andy Griffiths, Missy Higgins and Nick Cave.

Since attending the Big Hearted Business (un) Conference last year, the brainchild of Clare Bowditch, I met Nicole Brownlee, one of the clever and creative peeps behind Story Box Library. She is just so lovely that I wanted to help spread the word :) Plus, I'm totally on board with anything that brings imagination and storytelling to our kids!

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