Autism these days

Seasons come and go, life rolls madly on, and as with most of us the days - in hindsight, at least - seem to fly by. I find it bizarre that Winter begins in just a couple of days, partly because we've had perfect Autumn weather this week so far, and that we're approaching the mid-point of the year already. For us, of course, everyday life means all the normal family stuff, plus some parts of each day that come to us courtesy of autism.

Actually, speaking of autism, had an Autism week a month or so ago and I bought a few pieces of clothing, I actually really love them - so comfy :) I bought this sweater thingy and the black tshirt below, plus the men's tshirt for Ben. They had loads of designs to choose from, and I really like mine, a couple of pieces of clothing that I love the style of where I also am really happy about the message.

This week has been a lot about Ash. On Monday morning, everyone was ready to get in the car (on time, amazingly enough!) and I was chasing Sienna out the door when I realised that Ash was actually not in the car as I had thought. Sienna and I spent 20 minutes looking for him, inside checking each room three times at least, and outside. Then I took Sienna to school, in case he was walking for some reason, and got her to leave a message with the school office to call me if Ash showed up. Once home again (we live only about a 1 minute drive from school) I checked the house once more before walking up the road, but while up past the neighbour's house I saw that he was standing at our front door at home. *phew* It turns out he is just really good at hiding.

He didn't want to go to school, but is having trouble specifying any particular reason. Yesterday afternoon he didn't want to go to his drama class, which he'd previously enjoyed, as well. I think he's just finding things hard in general, and even though he is liked, and not bullied, he doesn't feel engaged with the kids around him. His aide was off sick for a couple of weeks, but she is back this week, so that could help. I have a PSG (once a term meeting) with his teacher and aide today, which was already scheduled. We'll plod along and see what we can do.

Weekend Inspiration for Glitz Designs, Aussie Scrap Source blog - click here for close ups!

Ash is tricky, because he seems completely fine, until he is completely not at all fine. He is very loving, or very angry. He turns on himself very quickly when he's made a mistake or been 'told off', however mildly. He often doesn't want to go to school, but gets dressed on autopilot and runs into the school grounds without another thought.

I am always focusing on dealing with each moment, each meltdown, drama or tears (between the three of the kids they are pretty regular, lol) and moving on afterwards - not dwelling - that I am entirely capable of forgetting some huge explosion that happened yesterday. Since eruptions of emotion are common, we just get through them and move on. So now I find that I need to be careful not to forget, though that is a pretty good survival technique, so that I can reflect and recognise when patterns are beginning to develop. Warning signs that something needs a bit more attention.

Anyway, Ash is making it pretty clear that he needs some extra support at the moment. We're having lots of cuddles, and I've promised to pick up some craft / science experiment ingredients for him today. As much as technology - video games and such - are great switching off / relief time for him, they also bring out the worst in him. So when he says he wants to make something from one of his make and do books (Usborne books, love them!) I am enthusiastic :) We just need a few extra supplies, lots of patience, regular hugs. And a 'pink milk' now and then can't hurt!

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