February wish list

Inspired by Elsie, I'm making a list of things I've come across that are cool / cute / interesting and some that are great gift ideas I have found for other people too :)

Desk Telephone from Lark

Fox cushion in Red from Curious Bazaar

Woodland Miniature Terrarium Necklace

Red Fox Mask

Metal Pocket Torch

Vintage Yellow Desk Lamp

Silver octopus necklace

Secret Garden necklace

All sorts of cute clothes from blutsgeschwister,
(Also on Modcloth, though not much at the moment)

A new-ish Oliver Jeffers book - He also draws some pretty gorgeous maps

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sylvia said...

ha! that's funny, i own that cardi, but the turquoise version of it. it's cool, but it tends to highlight a multiple baby belly, if you get what i mean ;) i should probably just work in it though :-P