Infinite Possibilities

"The most beautiful parts of people are most easily accessed by wonder" - Jesh de Rox.

A few weeks ago, I went to a Life As An Artform workshop in Brisbane. It involved a lot about seeing other people, seeing yourself, connections, permission as an artist, a huge amount of exploration of ideas. I met all of these new people, and spent a couple of hours hanging out with the sweet Amy Seeley on the day after the workshop. I didn't see any of Brisbane at all, but was content with my journals full of notes and writing and doodles.

One amazing afternoon Jesh had secretly arranged for a cellist to perform for an hour, just for us, in the lounge room of the house where the workshop was held. Wayne Jennings, from Deep Blue Orchestra, started with the Bach piece I spent a year working on when I was 14. Completely unravelled me. Was fantastic.

My infinite in a tea cup
poured out of me today,
each fraction of spine
and opening with the wind
that blew through me.

This new soundtrack of
echoed between my skin
and my skin.
I felt in it truth
and said yes, me, yes,
today, yes



sylvia said...

sounds like a fantastic experience!!!

Unknown said...

So glad we met and shared this awesome experience! You are so talented!