Time and stuff

Time and stuff and thoughts and things. Busy lately, but isn't that always how it is? It's photos and study and kids appointments, business stuff, spiritual stuff, domestic stuff. I have some very exciting plans in the works, and have books piled up from the library all over the coffee table. Sienna's latest obsession is spies, so there are a bunch of books on that theme too :)

These shots are from a recent commercial shoot, which was a fun mix of crafts, kids, nature and product photography, featuring the DirtGirlWorld scrapbooks from Leaf Journals. Sienna and my friend's little girl Abby were the girl models for the session.


Muddle Puddle said...

Gorgeous Pics again Danielle!! Master R' had a spy obsession once too, still does to a degree hes reading Sherlock Holmes (the original) at the moment. I may have some old books that we could lend you. I know we do have Nancy Drew. A few others which I can't remember. But I'll have a look for you. :-)

simona said...

The photos are great. I love all these colors.