A week or so in words as well

Contrary to recent appearances, this is not a photo-only blog ;) With a day (mostly) at home, I thought I'd take the opportunity to add words to the week. Well, couple of weeks, really. It's been busy :)

Last week Sienna and I flew home from Adelaide on Monday afternoon after a fab, full weekend of photography, friends and family. Ben had fared well with the boys, but he wasn't off-duty yet! I spent the next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, at a Positive Partnerships Autism Training workshop for school-aged kids. It was really good! Lots of practical information. It took place in Box Hill, so it was out the door at 7:30 each morning and home at dinner time, or just before. Ben had the time off work and got to do my usual running around (lucky for him that Tuesday and Wednesdays are my days with the car!), getting kids to school, kinder, early intervention and Sienna's after school activity on Wednesday. The next day he got to go back to work ;) So much for time off, LOL. Thanks babe!

On the Thursday I spent half the afternoon while Ash was at kinder doing photography at Sienna's school, as they had asked me to assist with a promotional postcard. Cedar got pulled around the school in his stroller while I photographed kids in the vegie garden, kids doing bollywood dancing, kids playing giant chess, kids in the classroom and buddies together in the yard. The week since then has included a number of brief "design meetings" at the school as I pulled together the photos into a postcard design and then worked with a couple of the teachers and the school principle to tweak it until it was ready. Last night we sent it off to print - yay!
Last week and this week has also seen Cedar at a couple of Dr visits to check on his chest. He had an ear infection and chest infection a month ago and had a course of antibiotics, and then a couple of weeks ago it was deemed bronchitis. He has been happy enough so the appointments have just been to keep an eye on him, but the last appointment was on Wednesday and his chest is clear! So he is just a bit sniffly but almost completely well again!

On the weekend, of course, Ben was back on duty with the kids as I worked two days at the Stitches and Craft Show, working at the Papercut Craft Bar for Notebook Magazine (who are fab!). I had a great, very very busy, time and met some fantastic people, including
This week has included the afore-mentioned design work, photographing Levi, having a lovely catch up and bible study with my friend Megan, a Paediatrician appointment for Sienna, a crafty catch up with Kell, scrapping a colour team layout for Scrapbook Creations, all the various kinder and school drop offs, early intervention, and various discussions with doctors, school, kinder and early intervention teachers about preparing for Ash at school next year in consideration of his developmental delays and behavioural traits (let's just call them!).

It has also been about kinder duty, photography at kinder for an open day poster the committee want to make, a ducted heater installation at home today (but the heater turns out not to be working so I now have a service call booked for Monday), a lot of chasing up City Software due to their appalling service, a new homepage mockup for the Curiouser website, a playdate for the kids, Sienna's active kids on Wednesday afternoon, slow-cooked chilli (without the chilli), fire toast, chestnut soup and a little bit of photo-editing.

Now it is just photo-editing on my mind, and perhaps a coffee, so I'll be off! Have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

wow...busy couple of weeks...that little girl up the top in the red shoes is soo cute...can I keep her? ;) We know all about the dodgy service from city software...I think it took a month (just recently) for some hard drives to arrive that steven had ordered! Have a great weekend...Tatum xx

PS I have lots of friends up here keen to have photos when your in Adelaide next...

Anonymous said...

oh man, I'm exhausted reading all that! i too must get around to updating blog. so many things to record, including your visit, just never enough spare minutes of alone time! work is thick & fast right now so maybe i'll get a chance next week.
for now, a lie down. movie watch & couch snuggle with my only one awake - charlotte.
kate m xo