Stormy Beach Afternoon

Thank you Sharmaine (re: your comment on the last post) - so many great suggestions. Mmm, food, travel... I'm inspired!

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Seaford Beach and had fish and chips there, all rugged up against the wind. An hour of collecting shells and feeding seagulls, plus a few photos of course, and we left just as the storm was rolling in (but it caught up to us in Scoresby when we stopped at Bunnings for house paint!) - here are a few shots from the day.

I love the stormy sky colours, but that last one I also like in a slightly blue-toned black and white. This version might be better for a photo on the wall?


Kate said...

love the pic of you and ben ... definately a nice wall picture. And how hot do you look! LOVEthe outfit

Anonymous said...

I Love Love LOVE the photos!!!! you all look so well and funky...x

lusi said...

They are beautiful shots mate!
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Pics of a gorgeous Mumma and family.

susy said...

Was blog hopping and came across yours, love the photos. Do you do your own conversions or do you use conversions?