Pics and Sienna's 'dancing'

Squarepusher Theme by Squarepusher is Sienna's favourite song at the moment. I know this because it is the song she asks for every time I go to put on music, in the car or in the house. She says "put on 'tsk-tsk' dancing" and says "no" to every song except this one "yes, this one!"

Funny girl

Had a busy weekend almost totally away from the computer, and now after a morning of emailing and blogging and so on, I am sick of the screen again! But before I go to fold washing and make lunch, thrilling as those jobs will be, here are a few pics:

Two art journal pages for the 'Got Paint' workshop I'm doing

A layout using the layered paint stamping technique

I made this doll dress yesterday for my friend's daughter. Rosie and her girls stayed over on Saturday night and all day Sunday, after I met them at the St Andrews market at midday on Saturday. I picked up a beautiful skirt for Sienna and some great little wooden building blocks that Ash just adores. Anyhow, Arwyn, Rosie's youngest, got this funny bendy doll for a couple of dollars, but she had no clothes on. I decided to make a dress for her, though I have not made doll clothes since I was a kid myself. It has inspired me to make interesting clothes for Sienna and Alannah's dolls. Because I need another hobby, LOL.


Scrapsister said...

Oh sew as well! Is there nothing you can not do?? Love the dress!

Unknown said...

Very cool pages Danielle
Love the dress!
Just popped in to say thank you for the inpsiration you create. I started my first art journal today.

Jan C. said...

I have the best memories of dresses my mom made for my Barbies when I was a girl! Your daughter will surely treasure this one.

Anonymous said...

such a lovely dress! well done dQ! loving your art journal pages..

Noelia said...

Very cool art journal pages!